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IMG_9694 WeeksWe are home of training that is fun, effective and beneficial to both canines and their owners.  Our belief is that the majority of problem behaviors occur due to a breakdown in communication between the owner and their dog.  Owners hold the keys to success when training their dogs, they just don’t know how to properly use them. Our goal is to educate owners on the benefits of positive training methods. Once communication is set up on an effective level, then training becomes easy.

Training should be fun for the dog and the owner and prove beneficial in creating a benevolent bond between them. Training should be an enjoyable time for all involved.  Let us show you how to enjoy your pet again and lets work together to “keep Fido out of the doghouse”.


We offer help with the Following:

*AKC STAR Puppy Training  * Group Dog Training Classes                            *In-Home Training     *Barking/Whining  * Housebreaking Issues              *Puppy  Kindergarten    * Basic  Obedience   *Trick Training                       *Canine Good Citizen Evaluations  *Behavior Modification                          * Aggressive Dogs   * Fearful Dogs    * Basic Problem Solving                         *Kids and Canine Safety   *Separation Anxiety  *Pulling on a Leash                *Nipping and Biting   *Chewing  *Jumping


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October 10, 2013

Looking for the perfect canine companion is an exciting endeavor.  And while there is no way to guarantee behavior in...


A dog that is given consistent guidance from an early age grows up to be a confident dog. Education brings security, security brings confidence, and a confident dog has no need to show anxiety-based behaviors.




April 22, 2014

As reporter on the happenings at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show for five years running, I look forward to...


All VSPDT dog trainers:
  • Are hand-selected by Victoria.
  • Train dogs using only positive reinforcement.
  • Avoid force & outdated dominance-based methods.
  • Work personally with Victoria and her team.
  • Share Victoria's ability to talk and think dog - positively
  • Practice the highest level of courtesy and professionalism.
  • Respect you and your dog at all times.
  • Share the VSPDT mission of creating healthier, more balanced relationships between dogs and owners
  • Help the Victoria Stilwell Foundation support canine assistance organizations.


  • Scooter had several behavioral issues including aggression towards other dogs. Amy’s work with Scooter helped get things under control.- Christine Crawford
  • Amy has helped us with many pet issues over the years.  I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with their dog- Jacque Leist , Presley and Hershey
  • Amy helped with training Mugzy from the very beginning. She helped us survive his crazy puppy years.  She was wonderful to work with.-  Debbie Webster